7 best Frase Alternatives

Thomas Petracco

by Thomas Petracco · Updated Mar 11, 2023


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Dashword helps you produce high-quality content by simplifying the research and writing process using AI.

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Creating optimized content quickly and accurately can save you time, money, and effort in the long run. Plus, it can boost search engine rankings significantly.

When searching for content optimization tools, Dashword, Frase, Marketmuse, and Clearscope are some of the popular names you might come across.

With so many content optimization tools and AI-powered writing assistants on the market today, how do you know which is the best for your needs?

In this article, we will try to answer that question by reviewing Frase.io and some of the best Frase alternatives: Dashword, Marketmuse, Clearscope, Content Harmony, SearchMetrics, Content Experience (formerly CMS 3.0), Contentedge, and Writerzen.

Let’s see what these content creation and optimization tools offer, starting with a quick overview of Farse’s features and functionalities as a reference point.



Frase is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you create content faster and more accurately.

The research tab is one of Frase’s most robust features, with its top 20 SERP results overview for your keyword. It gives you headings, FAQs, competitors’ statistics, news, and related Wikipedia topics.

The Questions and answers and SEO templates are quite good at streamlining content creation. However, not all output is 100% accurate, so remember that you need to fact-check them.

With Frase’s content briefs, you can quickly generate ideas for long-form content, blog posts, and short-form content for marketing and social media posts.

On the downside, the AI-generated content may not be perfect for intros and conclusions, and the keyword suggestions don’t always have the best examples for use in context. Other tools offer similar or better AI writing features at a lower price.

Frase io key features

  • A top-notch topic and keyword research tool;
  • Outline builder for reliable content briefs - browse through competitors' headings for topic ideas or get an automated content brief;
  • AI-powered content generation and various templates;
  • AI-written first draft;
  • Multiple languages;
  • Text editor - rewrite and summarize existing content, rephrase sentences, and shorten entire paragraphs for a snippet;
  • SEO tool - competitor analysis, target keyword recommendations, and content quality score;
  • Intuitive user interface;
  • Google Docs, WordPress, and Google Search Console integrations;
  • Frase Summarizer Chrome extension;
  • Dedicated support team and product training;
  • 5-day free trial.

Frase pricing

  • The Solo plan is a single-user option that allows writers to create and optimize four articles using up to 4,000 AI-generated words per month. Perfect for freelancers or SEO professionals with a small monthly workload.
  • The Basic plan is also a one-user plan, offering up to 30 articles and 4K AI-generated words per month. Suitable for freelance content writers and smaller enterprises alike.
  • The Team plan is designed for three users, with the possibility to include more team members at $25 per user per month. A good option for content teams that can write and optimize any number of articles, with a 4,000 AI-words monthly limit.
  • Frase's Pro Add-On is offered as a solution for those who need unlimited AI-generated words, and it’s available with all plans for $35 a month.



All in all, Frase offers an all-in-one bundle for content research, creation, and optimization at a reasonable price. It can save content creators precious time researching search intent, preparing an article outline, and even writing a rough draft.

  • Keyword quality: 4/5
  • Overall quality: 4.9/5 stars (source: G2)
  • Price per report: low
  • Free trial: yes
  • URL: frase.io

With all of this in mind, let’s see how other tools perform when compared.

The Best Frase Alternatives


Dashword is an intuitive content optimization and research platform that can help you create and edit documents quickly and easily. It has fewer features than Frase, but it provides only actionable data - it’s simpler, but arguably easier to use. Its streamlined design can spare content marketers valuable time they would otherwise spend on manual analysis of the top SERP results.

Dashword’s in-depth content research, which runs an automated analysis of the top Google SERP results, is one of the platform’s most valuable, time-saving features.

Instead of manual research, you type in your target keyword or topic, and Dashword’s software will swiftly produce a report containing competitor benchmarks to compare your content against. The platform uses NLP to suggest the most relevant terms pertinent to your topic, ensuring you hit the mark every time.

Additionally, Dashword uses artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms to speed up your content production, offering up to 50K AI-written words/month with the Startup plan.

That being said, the content optimizer is perhaps Dashword's best feature as it scans your content for LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords and readability. It also suggests target keywords and word count, which help you produce copy that’s optimized for a high SERP ranking. Through this feature, Dashword gives content writers real-time feedback.

Many other SEO content optimization tools offer these features. However, Dashword stands out thanks to its simple yet highly-efficient user interface. The platform does most of the legwork for you in the background, letting you focus on tweaking your content instead of tweaking platform search variables.

These features and Dashword’s affordability (the Startup plan offers five user seats for only $99/month) make this content optimization tool ideal for smaller content writing teams. Larger enterprises, with up to 20 content writers, can benefit from the Enterprise plan that, building on what the Startup plan offers, also provides bulk report creation, content monitoring, API access, and single sign-on (SSO).

Read on to learn how Dashword incorporates innovative technologies to provide you only with the features you need for a seamless path to SEO success.


Dashword key features

  • NLP for all plans (unlike Surfer SEO, which requires a specific plan for this feature);
  • A simple yet efficient content editor that provides actionable data from top SERP listings and carefully selected keyword suggestions obtained from the top Google results;
  • Comprehensive and fast content research that provides only actionable data;
  • A Business plan with 100 reports that can be used for the main target keyword and other relevant keywords to create thorough and better ranking content. Reports can be made public and shared if you work with external collaborators;
  • A content optimizer that gives target keyword suggestions, word count, readability level, and an overall content score to ensure high SERPs ranking;
  • A content brief generator that analyzes your competitors' outlines. You can add and edit headings with a few clicks and share your brief with your team easily;
  • A meta description generator with great reviews;
  • Case studies, blogs, and SEO glossary resources.

Dashword pricing

Dashword’s simplicity is evident in its pricing, too. This great tool has only two pricing plans:

  • The Startup plan lets you invite up to 5 team members and offers 20 content reports, briefs, and 50K words written by artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The Enterprise plan can accommodate a bigger content writing team of up to 20 users who can take advantage of 100+ content reports, bulk report creation, content briefs, content monitoring, an AI writer, and more.



Dashword offers actionable SEO data, quality keyword suggestions, SERP analytics, and a finely tuned content editor. Users can automatically generate target keyword reports, content briefs, and meta descriptions to optimize content easily with real-time feedback.

Other tools within this price range, such as Surfer SEO and Frase.io, also offer keyword and topic research, content briefs and AI writing, SERP analysis, and SEO content optimization. However, Surfer’s quantity of data can sometimes be overwhelming, and the more comprehensive plans are a considerable investment.

Frase offers a more comprehensive text-editing experience, but its Team plan is more expensive than Dashword’s Startup plan (which offers similar features).

Dashword’s features allow you to strategize, write, and optimize more content with a single, efficient tool, which can do wonders for your company’s or brand’s ROI.

The fact that you’ll save time and other resources for a very reasonable price is reason enough to give Dashword a spin. A credit card is not required if you just want to see how it works, and you won’t need a lot of time to see for yourself that it can help you deliver more high-quality content with better SEO.

  • Keyword quality: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Price per report: low
  • Free trial: yes
  • URL: dashword.com



MarketMuse is a powerful content optimization tool that helps you create high-quality, SEO-friendly content by offering detailed insights and real-time feedback on your writing. MarketMuse has many features that can help you write better, more engaging content faster. Additionally, users can customize features such as tone and reading level to cater to a specific target audience.

MarketMuse’s Assisted Keyword Research and Analysis tool automates keyword identification and topic clusters, making you aware of topic gaps and giving you questions that can help you improve your content strategy.

The software analyzes websites or individual pages to generate comprehensive summaries on your topic of choice. This feature is MarketMuse’s advantage over Frase, as Frase creates content based on users’ questions.

Additionally, MarketMuse provides a content score after evaluating how accurate, relevant, and original your text is in relation to a particular topic or keyword.

The personalized difficulty score (assessed authority of existing content and relevant and easy-to-pursue topic suggestions) makes MarketMuse unique.

MarketMuse key features


  • Competitive content analysis;
  • Questions;
  • Content score;
  • Topic score;
  • Content inventory;
  • Topic clusters and topic gaps;
  • Content planner and automated content briefs;
  • Keyword research and suggestions;
  • Personalized difficulty score for relevant keywords;
  • Optimize;
  • SERP analyzer;
  • Content editor;
  • First draft;
  • Natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) in English and Spanish;
  • Data Visualization;
  • Custom Reports;
  • White Label;
  • Integrations for Google Docs and WordPress;
  • Dedicated account management team;
  • Platform training.

MarketMuse pricing

MarketMuse offers three plans:

  • The free plan offers one user ten projects and ten monthly queries, with limited application data output.
  • The standard plan (100 queries, unlimited projects, data export, and full application data output) is intended for one user, with an option to add more ($99 monthly per user).
  • The premium plan is scalable, offering team access, unlimited queries, on-demand domain(s) content audit, managed topics tracking, and unlimited content briefs.



MarketMuse can be an invaluable asset for content creators, as it identifies areas where various content types can be improved and optimized for better search engine rankings. It can help you ensure that your content is up to the highest standards and reaches and satisfies its intended audience.

For those of you looking for a comprehensive text-editing experience with optimization capabilities, if you have no budget limitations, MarketMuse is the better choice. However, if you need a practical, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly tool, Frase is the way to go.

Read Marketmuse vs Surfer SEO, MarketMuse vs Frase, and MarketMuse vs Clearscope for comprehensive product overviews and comparisons.

  • Keyword quality: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 3/5
  • Price per report: high
  • Free trial: yes
  • URL: marketmuse.com


Clearscope is a powerful content optimization tool that helps editors save time by reverse engineering SERPs for a target keyword and providing keyword suggestions, content grade based on word count and readability, and other optimization clues for better ranking.

Clearscope's content editor is one of the best on the market, and its content monitoring allows you to update already published content to improve its ranking and traffic.

The term map and competitor map give you an overview of your competitors.


Clearscope key features

  • Keyword discovery;
  • Search rank;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • FAQs;
  • Real-time content analysis with content score and content inventory;
  • Content mapping;
  • Optimize;
  • SERP analyzer;
  • Content editor;
  • Content briefs;
  • Data sharing and exporting;
  • NLP in Dutch, English, Spanish, French, and Italian;
  • Google Docs and WordPress integrations;
  • Free onboarding and training.

Clearscope pricing

  • The Essentials plan is designed for one user and offers ten content reports, 20 Content inventory pages, and one monitored domain;
  • The Business plan offers five user seats and additional features, such as customized content reports and content inventory pages, SAML single sign-on (SSO), two monitored domains, and customized account setup.
  • The Enterprise plan provides customizable solutions for scaled content, offering everything in Business, plus unlimited monitored domains, a custom data pipeline, crawler listening, and geo-targeting.



Clearscope is designed to help you optimize your content for search engine visibility and engagement. It provides a comprehensive text-editing experience and detailed insights into keyword usage, readability scores, content mapping, and more. Its price makes Clearscope a good alternative for medium and large enterprises.

Read Clearscope vs Frase for an in-depth review and comparison of the two products.

  • Keyword quality: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Price per report: high
  • Free trial: yes
  • URL: clearscope.io

Content Harmony


Content Harmony is a workflow-driven content optimization platform that strives to provide strategists, content managers, and content creators with data-driven decision-making tools to help them generate high-quality SEO content.

This tool’s innovative content brief feature provides keywords, user questions from Google, Quora, Stack Exchange, and Reddit, visual content research, authoritative external links, and internal link targets - all in a single tab. This fully customizable brief allows you to add keywords by merely highlighting parts of your Keyword Reports, as well as text boxes, checklists, tables, headings, and subheadings - giving you a comprehensive outline within half an hour.

Content Harmony's advantage over Frase is its search intent classification system and the visual research of Google Images & Google Video results to clue you in on relevant content you can include for better rankings.

Content Harmony key features

  • Keyword reports;
  • Customizable content briefs;
  • Excellent search intent classification system;
  • Keyword difficulty metrics;
  • FAQs;
  • Visual content research;
  • Competitor outlines;
  • Content grader;
  • Link metrics and shareable URLs.

Content Harmony pricing

Unlike Frase, all of Content Harmony's pricing plans feature unlimited users, unlimited projects, and automatic updates without the need for add-ons. Other features available with Content Harmony, but not with Frase, include keyword difficulty metrics, search intent, visual research, and competitor link metrics.



Content Harmony's workflows are helpful for content planning, and the comprehensive content briefs are a great feature as they offer quality keyword suggestions and questions. The reports, however, can be overwhelming, with the amount of data offered.

  • Keyword quality: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5
  • Price per report: high
  • Free trial: no
  • URL: contentharmony.com

Searchmetrics Content Experience

The Searchmetrics Suite is a comprehensive SEO software designed to help enterprises tap into digital market trends and increase their revenue. The award-winning platform features a Research Cloud, Content Experience, Search Experience, and Site Experience tools.

Searchmetrics Content Experience is great for content marketers as it uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to help with the creation of data-driven, high-quality, and search-engine-optimized content tailored to reach its target audience and generate ROI.

Content Experience offers content analysis and smart optimization within a sophisticated workflow.


Searchmetrics Content Experience key features

  • Keyword research;
  • SERP rank tracking;
  • Link building;
  • Content manager (content editor, content briefs, content score, content insights);
  • Topic explorer (search volume, topic clusters, seasonality, etc.)
  • Competitor content analysis;
  • Data visualization;
  • WordPress plugin;
  • Microsoft Word add-in.

Searchmetrics Content Experience pricing

The Searchmetrics website does not display pricing info for any of their tools. According to G2, a yearly contract is required, but discounts apply for multi-year contracts.




Contentedge is a free AI-powered content generation and SEO copywriting tool. It helps content writers produce better output that users can easily find by searching for related topics in Google search results. The platform uses a unique approach to content creation, building a model on the topic from what’s already ranking in search engine result pages.

Contentedge key features

  • AI content writer (AI-generated words and images);
  • Keyword insight reports;
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop page composition tools;
  • An intuitive visual website editor;
  • Powerful SEO tools;
  • Templates, widgets, and add-ons;
  • Multilingual publishing options;
  • RSS feeds and social media network integrations;
  • Analytics to track user engagement;
  • Hosting solutions (including dedicated cloud servers);
  • Customer support and training.

Contentedge pricing

Contentedge’s Starter plan of $24 per month is an affordable option for freelance content writers or small (up to 3 users) content marketing teams. The Professional ($49/month), Expert ($99/month), and Enterprise (custom price) plans are better suited for SMBs and large enterprises.



With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, Contentedge is an ideal choice for anyone looking to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

  • Keyword quality: N/A
  • Ease-of-use: N/A
  • Price per report: low
  • Free trial: yes
  • URL: contentedge.com



WriterZen is a cloud-based content creation and SEO tool that uses AI-powered features such as keyword explorer, topic discovery, and keyword data to assist your content creation process effortlessly. Additionally, it features a plagiarism checker that uses NLP to ensure your content is original and not copied from other sources.

Furthermore, WriterZen provides trending keywords, high-performing topic clusters, and sharable content briefs, streamlining your article creation process and helping you increase organic traffic.

WriterZen key features

  • Keyword explorer;
  • Keyword insights and clusters;
  • Topic discovery;
  • Search all keywords in the title;
  • Content creator using OpenAI’s GPT3 writing assistant;
  • Content brief;
  • Keyword import and profit estimate;
  • Plagiarism checker;
  • Training and customer support via email/inquiry form.

WriterZen pricing



Overall, WriterZen is an excellent choice for those who want to create SEO-friendly content without spending too much time or effort.

  • Keyword Quality: N/A
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5 (source: G2)
  • Price per report: low
  • Free trial: yes
  • URL: writerzen.net


All of the above-reviewed tools have plenty of useful features to offer, depending on your content type and volume (and your budget, of course).

However, Dashword stands out from its competitors due to its straightforward user interface and affordability - it’s more affordable than Frase and Surfer SEO.

Dashword’s content optimization and research platform can help content marketers save a lot of time by offering features such as in-depth content research (SERP analytics), NLP for keyword suggestions, AI-generated text, a content editor that gives real-time feedback, and more.

With Dashword, users can strategize, write, and optimize their content more efficiently than with most other tools in the same price range. If that sounds tempting, we encourage you to give it a test run!