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Lolly goes up 20+ positions for competitive keywords leading to an increase of high quality organic traffic

Even if we were down to our last 100 dollars in marketing, I would unlikely be getting rid of Dashword.

Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper
Managing Director of Lolly

Lolly is a UK based company that helps companies automate and scale through digital transformation. For about two years they have been providing an end-to-end tailored service to other companies to understand what can and can not be automated through code, software and apps to make those companies more efficient. But they don’t stop there, they also have all the technical knowledge internally to create and implement that technology.

Because Lolly sits between consulting and App and software building, they can very accurately analyze a problem, find the most adequate solution, compute the return on investment and define whether it is cost-effective to spend resources to implement that solution.

It is thanks to that knowledge that they know writing SEO optimized content isn’t something you can ask software to do. “It is almost impossible to get a machine to write a blog post, you’re better off to hiring someone,” says Daniel Cooper, Managing Director of Lolly. For him, writing content is something that is still better left to humans because of the difficulty for computers to write text that feels natural to humans. However, computers and algorithms can provide very useful information to optimize the pieces of content from an analytical point of view. “If you write a piece of content that is 100 words long, it’s easy for you, as a human, to understand how targeted that is. But then when you start producing larger pieces of content in more competitive niches it becomes very hard. But machines are great at this sort of thing” adds Daniel.

There is no replacement for great copy if you want to rank

Very early on, during their first year of doing business, Lolly understood that if they wanted to rank on search engines, they would need content, good content. Thus, to compete in the competitive telecommunications niche they needed a tool that would help them perfect all angles of their 10.000+ word content pieces. Even more so because all their larger competitors were using machine learning to do exactly that. So they went out to find that tool.

There is no replacement for great copy. Whilst, backlinks and other signals are vital to rank. Nothing will target your piece to rank better than content.

After trying two competitors that were either overpriced or didn’t give them enough freedom by limiting the number of reports per month, Lolly came across Dashword.

After that, we found Dashword, and immediately signed up. Because the price point made sense and, the startup process was easy. So I was straight in!

Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper

Dashword brings us confidence

Very quickly Lolly was creating and optimizing content for their website. Helping them get a clear view of the quality of their content and how to improve it. This synergy between the analytical power of Dashword and the talent of Lolly’s copywriter was the key to get to the much-coveted first page. As Daniel puts it “Dashword brings very good insights to the content writers. Because we can be sure that the content they are writing is not only of high quality and engaging when they are looking at it themselves but also when we look at it from an algorithmic basis that it is heavily targeted at the keywords we want to rank for. And what that brings is confidence”.

Shortly after that, Loly saw their rankings improve. In some of the more competitive rankings Lolly is battling for, they have been able to move up from the second and third page to the middle of the first one by optimizing and refining their existing content. Which can mean an increase of up to approximately 300% in organic traffic. The value of Dashword became very clear to Daniel and Lolly. "Even if we were down to our last 100 dollars in marketing, I would unlikely be getting rid of Dashword. Because out of all the SEO tools we use, it’s the only one that determines where you appear in the rankings."

Another aspect of Dashword that swayed Lolly is the ease-of-use of the platform. ”Whenever a new colleague starts at the company, I can give him access to Dashword, and immediately have him work on it. There is no need for any type of help or wiki on how to use it because it’s so intuitive.” says Daniel. This means their team can optimize their website’s content quicker and work on different content pieces at the same time.

To anyone sitting on the fence, I would say: Sign up for a month, and during that month have a content writer move half of your content through Dashword and take it to an A score. And at the end of the month take a look at your rankings. And you’ll be surprised...

Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper