The best MarketMuse alternative for content optimization

If you have a content-heavy website and a big budget, MarketMuse is a good marketing app that can help you improve your content. We're proud to call them a competitor and the only reason we didn't mentioned them on our Clearscope alternatives page is because of their pricing.

The truth is, MarketMuse may not be the best tool for teams that like to experiment with a lot of content and don't have an unlimited budget. There are other tools that can help you execute your content strategy and they might better fit your needs.

Here's why Dashword is the ideal MarketMuse alternative for you.

What is Dashword?

Dashword is a SEO content optimization tool for content teams. It helps marketing teams write high quality content and increase their organic traffic. By analyzing search engine results, Dashword identifies what makes content rank and gives content marketers all the insights they need to write quality content that drives search traffic. It can be used for both writing new content or for improving your existing content.

Easy to use

We've put a lot of effort into making Dashword as user-friendly as possible. The idea is simple: Dashword assumes you already know what target keyword you want to compete for. Generate a report for that keyword and you'll get all the insights we can gather on that topic. From there, you can start writing your content having saved hours of research time. As you write content in Dashword, you'll see in real time how your content is improving and what is still missing.

MarketMuse on the other hand is split into several "applications": Research, Compete, Optimize, Questions... In terms of the functionalities covered, these are pretty similar to what you get from a Dashword report. The difference is that the split means more manual work and using some of these applications will cost you extra credits, even tough you're still researching for the same keyword.

Only actionable data

If you can't use a piece of data to write better content, you probably don't need it. Take a look at our SERP overview compared to MarketMuse's "Compete" page. Dashword sticks with the data that serves you. You get the ranking position, content score, word count, and content type.

With MarketMuse you get a colorful table that is hard to interpret and use. Granted, there are SEO tools that are worse offenders than MarketMuse on this, but we still think this is more overwhelming than useful information.

Dashword dashboard


MarketMuse SERP dashboard


Built to collaborate

At most companies, creating quality content is a team effort. Yet many keyword research tools for content optimization severely limit the number of users that have access to the tool. That's why our professional plan comes with 5 users included. This allows content teams to truly work together and empowers anyone on the team to work on content optimization and do the necessary keyword research for the pieces they write.

Additionally, if you're working with external writers, you can make individual reports and articles public and share them one at a time without giving access to all your reports.

Dashword Share

MarketMuse offers multi-user accounts starting with the Pro plan for $499/month.

Simple pricing

Dashword pricing


MarketMuse pricing


Dashword was created because we want to make content research fast, accessible, and affordable. Our pricing is very simple and based only on the number of reports you need each month. For $99/month, you get 20 reports per month. If that's beyond your budget, we also have a plan that starts at $39/month for 5 reports.

MarketMuse has locked some of its main features to higher-tier plans only, and limits usage through queries and credits.