Clearscope vs Frase: Which is better? [2023]

Altin Tola

by Altin Tola · Updated Mar 12, 2023


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Clearscope vs. Frase

If you want to streamline your content production and do a better job at optimizing your content for search engines, there is a bounty of remarkable SEO tools out there. 

However, choosing the right SEO and content optimization tool can be overwhelming with the vast options available. To make your decision easier, we're putting Clearscope and Frase under the microscope.

In this comparison review, we'll highlight their unique features, strengths, and drawbacks to help you determine the best fit for your content production and optimization needs.


Clearscope and Frase are both top-rated SEO platforms that offer advanced content research features like SERP analysis, competitor analysis, keyword research, and content inventory. 

They also provide user-friendly content creation tools such as AI-generated outlines and content briefs. However, Frase goes a step beyond by providing a rough first draft that can save you valuable time and effort.


Both platforms have fantastic SEO tools to help you boost your search engine rankings and execute your content strategy. They will also help you craft engaging content by generating FAQs and suggesting relevant keywords and topics.

Not only that, but they'll also identify any gaps in your content strategy and make sure you're covering all the important topics to rank well in search results. Whether you're a marketer, writer, or entrepreneur, these platforms have you covered.

That being said, while both platforms deliver effective SEO solutions, they have some differences that may make one better suited for your needs. For example, Frase offers a Frase Summarizer Chrome extension for quick text summarization, while Clearscope may be better suited for enterprise teams due to its ease of use.

Additionally, both platforms receive high marks from customers and have similar pricing, but it's important to consider the various features and resources they offer, as well as the quality of their customer support before making a decision. Read on for an in-depth comparison of their unique capabilities.

Feature Comparison

Before we review the platforms’ strengths and weaknesses in more detail, let’s briefly compare their most relevant features.

Clearscope Frase
Competitor analysis  Limited Yes
Competitive content analysis No Yes
Content score / Content grade  Yes Yes
Content inventory Still in Beta Yes
Topic clusters Yes  Yes 
Content planning Yes Yes
Keyword research Yes Yes
Frequently asked questions in search queries Yes Yes
Personalized difficulty score for relevant keywords No No
Optimize Yes Yes
SERP analyzer Yes Yes
Content editor Yes Yes
Content brief/ content outline Yes Yes
First draft No Yes
Natural language processing (NLP) English and Spanish, plus Dutch, French and Italian English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Japanese, and Korean
Integrations for Google Docs and WordPress Yes Yes

General Overview

What is Clearscope?

Clearscope is a tool designed to help content creators write better articles that rank higher on search engines. Its primary purpose is keyword research and content optimization. To achieve that, it uses advanced technology, like IBM Watson, to analyze existing content and provide insights on keywords and topics that are relevant to your target audience.


Clearscope and Frase both help you discover the right keywords and topics for your content in real time. Still, Clearscope creates a pertinent report in just a few seconds. 

Then, you can use the content editor to quickly create a content outline or brief for the selected keyword. The content editor has a term map, and its unique content grading system suggests relevant keywords and word count. It also gives you content scores, a readability score, and keyword density info to help guide your content creation.

The competitor panels in the editor can be beneficial for identifying topic gaps - a feature also available with Frase. 

Clearscope features

In a nutshell, Clearscope’s most prominent features are the following:  

  • Keywords discovery (a research feature that provides relevant keywords and related topics); 
  • Frequently asked questions;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Content briefs and outlines and content mapping;
  • Text (content) editor;
  • Real-time content analysis and overall grade;
  • External links;
  • Unlimited data export and sharing;
  • Google Docs and WordPress integrations;
  • Free onboarding and training;
  • Five languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

What is Frase?

Frase is a smart content optimization tool that helps writers create search engine-friendly content. With its AI-powered writing assistant, Frase makes it easy to create high-quality articles that stand out in search results. Moreover, by analyzing existing web content, Frase provides relevant keywords and related topics suggestions to ensure your content is optimized.


Frase uses machine learning algorithms to produce actionable SEO insights on users' engagement with published web content.

The tool helps you improve the structure of your web pages by checking SEO elements such as article titles, meta descriptions, headings, and subheadings, to name just a few.

Its automated scoring system gives you a readability score, desirable word count, and other helpful SEO KPIs - all valuable info to help you improve your content. Plus, it allows you to see visit trends for your published content and get insights about how it performs against competitors for a specific topic or keyword.

Frase's content brief feature is similar to Clearscope's, but with an added advantage of an AI-generated first draft, saving writers time in content creation.

Whether you're a professional content writer or just starting out, Frase makes it simple to create content that ranks high in search results.


Frase Features

These are some of Frase’s most prominent features:

  • Keyword research tools;
  • Questions; 
  • Competitive analysis;
  • Content audit;
  • Content editor; 
  • Keyword rank tracking;
  • Topics tracking;
  • Unlimited queries;
  • Unlimited projects;
  • Unlimited content briefs;
  • Rough first draft;
  • Team access;
  • Google Docs and WordPress integrations, as well as Frase Summarizer Chrome extension and Google Search Console integration;
  • Multilingual NLP (see table above for the full list of supported languages);
  • Dedicated support team;
  • Platform and workflow team training.

Clearscope vs. Frase: Features Comparison

Below, you can find a comprehensive comparison of the features of both tools that we put together to help you decide which one suits your content creation and SEO needs best.

Content research and content editing features

Both Clearscope and Frase provide automation of content research by collecting input from various online sources in all formats. They identify relevant keywords and topics, as well as topic gaps based on the content and SEO data.

All in all, they offer effective keyword and topic research, giving you target and related keywords, topic clusters, and competitor analysis with insightful SEO metrics. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to staying ahead of the competition, Clearscope has an advantage as it notifies you when your competitors update their web pages. Meanwhile, Frase is praised for its research feature, although some users have reported that the platform does not always provide the best contextual use examples for suggested keywords.

Clearscope and Frase also have a content inventory feature that provides insights on the quality of recent and dated content with automated scores, such as overall content score, readability score, and estimated word count. This helps you keep track of published content and capitaliza on current SEO trends to rank well in SERPs.

Both platforms feature a sophisticated content editor that allows users to paste or directly type their content, generating a report with keyword and topic suggestions to incorporate into the content. However, some users may find Clearscope's content editor more intuitive and user-friendly compared to Frase's. Additionally, Frase's AI-generated first draft feature may not always be the best option for writers who prefer to start from scratch.


Advanced AI, machine learning, and NLP technologies

Clearscope and Frase both leverage advanced AI, machine learning, and NLP technologies for their content optimization solutions. These technologies make their software extremely effective and convenient for businesses.

Clearscope uses IBM Watson - an artificial intelligence platform that boasts NLP capabilities. It excels at analyzing a massive amount of structured or unstructured data and helps identify patterns and make predictions. By automating your workflow with Clearscope, you can improve your efficiency and decision-making, as well as reduce expenses.


On the other hand, Frase utilizes its built-in AI technologies to scan web pages for reader interests. This allows content writers and marketers to be more productive and efficient in their work. 

Frase gathers input from questions asked on platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Search Autocomplete Results and provides relevant topics and alternative words or phrases that answer the search intent of your target audience.

AI-powered content creation 


When it comes to time efficiency, AI has gone beyond content research and analysis to become a valuable asset for automated content generation. Clearscope and Frase offer automated content briefs and outlines to help you write great content efficiently.

Clearscope provides a structure for your content, including headings and subheadings that are relevant to the questions your content should answer. Frase also offers this but goes a step further with its unlimited content briefs for its Team plan, making it a more cost-effective option compared to Clearscope's Essentials plan.

Moreover, the main difference between the two platforms in this aspect is Frase’s first draft feature. With this feature, you’ll have a rough draft of the content piece in seconds. Frase's content editor can then be used to fine-tune the draft, as it provides real-time feedback, such as a content score, relevant keywords and topics, and possible keyword and topic gaps, helping you optimize your copy before publishing.

Additionally, Frase’s content editor lets you know whether your draft is too similar to already published content, safeguarding you against unintended plagiarism or duplicate content.

In conclusion, both Clearscope and Frase have similar features and capabilities related to automated content generation, but Frase offers more cost-effective options and a first draft feature, as well as a feature to check for potential plagiarism.

Integrations with other tools 

Both Clearscope and Frase work with Google Docs and WordPress, letting you write great content with much less effort. 

Frase additionally offers a Frase Summarizer Chrome Extension and a Google Search Console integration that tracks your metrics and gives you actionable insights on what you can improve for your content to rank better.

This is why, when it comes to integrating with other software, Frase is the obvious winner between the two.  


Customer support and training

Iin this aspect, the main difference between Clearscope and Frase is Frase’s remarkable email support, with replies sent within one business day. On the other hand, Clearscope’s email support and live chat are only available between 9am and 6pm CST, Monday to Friday. 

Still, both platforms offer a help desk, as well as a library of FAQs, webinars, guides, blog posts, and video tutorials. 

Frase Help lets you type in your question in the knowledge base search bar, and if you can’t find your answer there, the platform will automatically redirect you to Frase’s live chat, available Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm EST.

The Frase Content and Frase Answers sections on their website offer many informative and educational articles to help you discover Frase’s unique functionalities. 

That said, Clearsope is better for training. It provides live online and in-person training, which is not the case for Frase io. 

Apart from the video tutorials, with Frase, you can choose between short, live online training for groups or individuals (free of charge) and coaching sessions with a personal account manager at an additional cost. 


Pricing plans

As we’ve seen by now, Frase and Clearscope are both powerful tools that can greatly help create and optimize content. 

However, Clearscope comes with a much higher price tag, which makes it more suitable for larger businesses with bigger content teams. Its starter plan costs $170 a month, which makes Frase (with its most comprehensive Team plan at $115 per month) a much more affordable option for freelance content marketers, startups, and SMEs.

Both platforms function with a monthly subscription, but Frase, unlike Clearscope, offers a free five-day trial period before you choose whether to commit.

Read on for a comparison of Clearscope’s and Frase’s pricing plans and the features they provide in each package. 

Clearscope pricing


Clearscope has three plans you can choose from: Essentials, Business, and Enterprise.

Essentials ($170 per month)

The Essentials plan is designed for one user and offers the basics for content optimization:

  • One user seat; 
  • 10 Content Reports;
  • 20 Content Inventory Pages;
  • One monitored domain;
  • Integrations for WordPress and Google Docs;
  • Support for five languages.

Business (Custom pricing)

The Business plan, besides what’s available in Essentials, offers additional features useful for content teams: five user seats; customized content reports and content inventory pages; two monitored domains; SAML single sign-on (SSO); and customized account setup.

Enterprise (Custom pricing)

The Enterprise plan provides customizable solutions for enterprises that need to produce scaled content. In addition to all the features available in the Business plan, Enterprise offers unlimited monitored, custom data pipeline and geo-targeting, and crawler listening. 

All three Clearscope plans come with free onboarding and training, unlimited data sharing and exporting, the highest quality recommendations, and flexible (contractless) switching between plans.   

Frase Pricing 


Frase, too, has three pricing plans on offer: Solo, Basic, and Team.

Solo ($14.99 monthly / $12.66 for an annual subscription)

The Solo plan is intended for a single user and allows for the creation and optimization of four articles and up to 4,000 AI-generated words per month. This makes it suitable for freelance writers or SEO professionals with a workload of around one piece a week. 

Basic ($44.99 monthly / $38.25 for an annual subscription)

The Basic plan, too, is meant for one user, who can produce and optimize no more than 30 articles and get up to 4000 AI-generated words per month. This plan is suitable for freelance content writers and smaller organizations with a consistent content flow.

Team ($114.99 monthly / $97.75 for an annual subscription)

The Team plan has been designed with flexible teams in mind. It initially offers seats for three users, but additional users can be added for $25 per month per user. With this plan, you can write and optimize an unlimited number of articles and use up to 4,000 AI-generated words per month. 

Another thing that Frase offers is its Pro Add-On, available with any of the above plans for a monthly price of $35. This feature will save you even more precious time as it gives you access to unlimited AI-generated words and other premium features. 

Which is better - Clearscope or Frase?

After you have considered your needs and budget, it should be easier for you to pick the right content optimization platform, but let’s quick recap. 

Both platforms have an intuitive interface and sophisticated text editors. They use advanced AI to offer keyword and topic suggestions, competitor analysis, content grade, and content briefs. 

However, cost-wise, Frase has the edge as it provides most of Clearscope’s features at a much lower price. And let’s not forget Frase’s first draft feature that Clearscope lacks. 

Additionally, Clearscope has limited email support and does not offer suggestions for backlinks or internal links nor a free trial. 

All things considered, we believe that Frase is a much better choice than Clearscope for most people.

On top of that, Frase has been rated as the #1 AI software on Capterra’s shortlist for 2021.


G2 users give both Clearscope (82 reviews) and Frase (259 reviews) 5/5 stars. The summary table below presents the ratings of some of these platforms’ most significant features.

G2 ranking Clearscope Frase
SEO auditing and monitoring
SEO alerting Feature not available 7.6
SEO auditing Not enough data available 9
SEO change tracking Not enough data available 8.3
Technical SEO Not enough data available 8.3
SEO content and rankings
Link building Feature not available Feature not available
Keyword research 9.3 8.8
SERP rank tracking Feature not available 8.6
Localization Feature not available 8.4
Content Insights Not enough data available 9.6
Planning for Content Creation Software
Collaborative Editorial Calendars / Scheduling Content 7.2 8.8
SEO reporting
Competitor analysis 9.2 9.1
Data visualization 4.2 8.9
Custom reports Feature not available Feature not available
White Label Feature not available Feature not available

Frase and Clearscope alternatives 

Let us also familiarize you with Dashword - a great tool suitable for individual content writers, SEO marketers, and small businesses on a budget.

Dashword is a content optimization platform featuring all you need to write great content. 

Its easy-to-use interface has an excellent content editor and uses NLP to offer relevant keyword suggestions, word count, content score, and so much more. In addition, the software has its own AI technology, making it more affordable than most competitors. 

To see what Dashword has in store for you and your content, try it for free (no credit card required) and create your first report in no time.