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You're writing content hoping it will rank but...

you have no clear way to measure how qualitative it is.

You're doing content research to know what your article should cover but...

it takes too much time and ends up being a botched job.

Stop guessing how good your content is.

Dashword's scoring system tells you how your content perform against your competitors and how to improve it.

Stop wasting hours on content research.

Dashword analyzes top ranking results and give you a comprehensive report of what your content should include.

How Dashword helps you write better content

Discover key topics

Get a list of all the important topics that should be included in your content.

Discover key topics

Get instant quality feedback

Get a score how your content performs against top ranking results and get tips on how to improve it.

Discover key topics

Add the answers your readers are looking for

Enrich your content with answers that your readers are looking for, to improve your relevance.

Discover key topics

Share with external writers

Allow external writers to access Dashword without sharing your account.

Evaluate competitors' content

Run keyword reports and get a idea of how hard it will be to rank for that keyword.

“If you want to rank in Google in 2020, you need to be the most relevant result for the query. First and foremost, that means creating content that aligns with search intent.”

Joshua Hardwick
Head of Content

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